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The Wundaguard Range of Products

Fine Fabric Spot Cleaner

Using latest technology formulas we have develop the Fine Fabric Spot Cleaner for use on all upholstery fabrics.

Tough enough to remove most stubborn stains like food, drink, oil and body fluids, yet gentle enough for use on all fabrics.

Now standard with "Silver Plus" anti-microbial technology which eliminates odour causing bacteria to leave your fabric smelling fresh and looking its best.



Fabric Protector

Stains are a thing of the past with Wundaguard fabric protector.

Wundaguard has been protecting fabric for 35 years - over that time we have developed the best product for use on all fabrics.

Wundaguard is a powerful sealant that protects all fabrics against from liquid, dirt and oil based stains as well as other contaminants.

Wundaguard fabric protector now incorporates "Ray-Shield" and "Silver Plus"

"Ray Shield" is used to reduce the effects of UV damage, providing protection not only against stains but also against the damaging effects of the sun.

"Silver Plus" is anti-microbial technology used to eliminate odour causing bacteria, keeping the fabric smelling fresh.

Wundaguard fabric protector is clear, highly durable, harmless for the family and pets, environmentally friendly and won't affect the look or feel of the fabric.

Suitable for upholstery fabric, car interiors, carpet, rugs, garments etc.



Leather cleaner

Developed with the end user in mind, Wundaguard's leather cleaner is an extremely efficient, easy to use leather cleaner.

Our leather cleaner is excellent for removing dirty marks, food and drink stains, spillages and build-ups of sweat and body oil.

Suitable for any top-coat leather products such as furniture, shoes, handbags/luggage, car interiors etc.



Leather Conditioner

Provides vital lubrication to keep leather soft while maintaining its strength, durability and beauty. It nourishes, revitalizes, renews and maintains the rich lustre of leather.

The lotions ultraviolet filters, conditioning and moisturising agents combine to reduce fading and the effect of wear on the leather.

Regular use will ensure that your leather will last longer and look great for years to come.

Suitable for any top-coat leather products such as furniture, shoes, handbags, car interiors etc.



Leather protector

Our leather protection cream is a water based formulation providing protection and nourishment of leather.

Able to be used on all top-coated leathers, our leather protector creates an invisible barrier that will protect the leather from spills and stains. It will also inhibit colour and dye transfer from clothing and other textiles.

The protection barrier also reduces the amount of friction on the leathers surface which in turn helps maintain the original colour and will help the leather look its best and last as long as possible.

Suitable for any top-coat leather products such as furniture, shoes, handbags, car interiors etc.



Mattress Cleaner

Mattresses are an often overlooked item of furniture, people spend on average one third of their life on their mattress, and therefore it requires constant cleaning and maintenance to ensure that it remains a clean and healthy place for you and your family. With an inbuilt dust mite inhibitor the WUNDAGUARD mattress cleaner is a must for those with allergies.

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